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Does This Viral Video Display A FAKE Vaccination?

A strange video featuring a live-on-camera vaccination of a healthcare worker in El Paso, Texas has gone viral. The video apparently shows a man get injected with an empty needle which is supposed to be a vaccine for the virus. The full event featured five nurses get vaccinations. On the second vaccination, however, something was clearly wrong with the needle. It appears to be empty with the plunger already depressed. The video has sparked outraged and debate all over social media.

UMC (University Medical Center) at El Paso released a statement saying that the healthcare worker in question received a second dose of the vaccine to ensure the public that he is, in fact, vaccinated. Their statement alludes to saying that he was vaccinated during the on-camera event, which he obviously was not. The needle was totally empty. At best, this was an honest mistake. At worst, the healthcare worker did not want the vaccine, or UMC did not give it to him for some reason and they are now trying to cover it up.

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Several other live events have taken place all over the country in a similar manner. Healthcare workers get inoculated live on camera to ensure confidence in the general public that the vaccine is safe. But with the UMC El Paso incident happening, who’s to tell if a person actually got the vaccine or not? Who got a placebo vs. a regular, working vaccine? And then, of course, are the side effects. Several healthcare workers have been hospitalized already. Is this a trial run? That could be the case since the vaccine is very early in its release stage. Which would explain why a healthcare worker could… or would… fake getting the vaccine altogether.


Update: Questions raised over vaccine injection at UMC event; UMC says nurse received second shot to eliminate doubt over vaccination | KTSM 9 News

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