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Black Mother Files Complaint Against Atlanta School Over Admitted Segregation

A black mother has filed a complaint against an Atlanta elementary school over claims of classroom segregation. The problem started when the mother, Kyla Posey, called the school in an attempt to have her child placed in a different class that would be best suited to them. The response she received from the principal, also a black woman, was shocking, to say the least. Principal Sharon Briscoe informed Posey that she decided to place all of the black kids in two classes and all of the white kids in six classes.

School segregation by race is completely illegal. Especially as it relates to public schools since they receive state and federal funding. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is crystal clear when it comes to this issue. Kyla Posey has obtained legal counsel and has filed a civil rights complaint against the elementary school. The case against the elementary school (and possibly the principal) should be pretty open and shut. Racial segregation in the context of public schools is indefensible.

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Although the acts done by the elementary school are egregious, they are not surprising. The new “woke” doctrine many teachers and faculty are now abiding by all have a very short road that ultimately leads to racial discrimination and bigotry. Certain schools around the nation are eliminating higher forms of math and science because they believe black and Hispanic students cannot measure up to the standards of whites and Asians. Colleges often have segregated graduation ceremonies. Sometimes dorms themselves are segregated by race. All of this is being done in the name of progression. If progression means “going backward” then these people engaging in racially motivated malicious behavior in schools are correct. However, words have meaning and progression should be about going forward, not the current state of affairs in many “woke” schools.


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