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CNN And Cori Bush Help Fake Mom Scammer Rake In $250K

CNN and Cori Bush inadvertently helped a woman rake in around $250K on GoFundMe under false pretenses to push a political narrative. Dasha Kelly presented herself as a mother of three children facing eviction due to the federal eviction moratorium expiring. The “mother” created a GoFundMe to help raise money to prevent eviction. On the GoFundMe page Kelly created, she described herself as a mother. CNN picked the story up and visited her home to film a story about her. The story aired on television complete with a cameo from US House Rep Cori Bush offering Kelly words of encouragement.

Everything that CNN and Cori Bush helped to promote was based on a lie. Dasha Kelly is not the mother of any of the children. The actual mother of the children came forward and presented birth certificates to prove it. Kelly admits she refers to herself as a mother because she feels like one and that the kids stay with her occasionally. She is essentially a babysitter and nothing else. The biological father is actually the babysitter’s boyfriend (confusing I know) but the father does not live with the babysitter. Kelly said that she did not expect for the story to get picked up by CNN. She probably just threw the GoFundMe link out there to see if anyone would bite. CNN, of course, took the bait hook, line, and sinker.

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CNN was forced to issue a retraction of sorts, clarifying that the “mother” featured in their on-air story is not the mother at all. This incident is nothing short of embarrassing for the leftist network. In their hunger for a tear-jerking story of a black mother with kids who are affected by the eviction moratorium, they failed to do simple due diligence. A simple background check to see if this person was a mother at all would have sufficed. Mistakes and outright lies have plagued CNN for years now. This is also an example of what makes the general public distrust mainstream media. The desire to push a political narrative often comes before the imperative to produce factual information.


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