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Black National Anthem Makes A Comeback At Super Bowl 57

In the recent Super Bowl between the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs, “Lift Every Voice” was played during the pre-game show. Award-winning actress Cheryl Lee Ralph performed the song in a beautiful rendition. The song is widely known as the “Black National Anthem” but was not referred to as such during the show. Country music artist Chris Stapleton performed the standard National Anthem just before the coin toss and the official start of the game. Of course, the Black National Anthem performance created controversy and debate online.

There are generally two schools of thought in reference to the song. One side of the argument says that the song is beautiful, and uplifting, and should be accepted by everyone as it is very important to black Americans. The other side of the argument says that there is only one national anthem, and having other national anthems does nothing but create division. Both sides have a point, but that in itself is the point. People behind the scenes over at the NFL understand how humans behave. They know that the presence of this song at the game will create controversy and arguments. The question here is very simple… is the inevitable drama worth it?

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