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Black News Channel Shuts Down After Two Years, Allegedly Fails To Make Final Payroll

Black News Channel (BNC), primarily funded by Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan, has shut down after only existing for about two years. They formed back in 2020 as sort of a niche news station with black anchors. The news outlet featured some recognizable faces including Marc Lamont Hill and Mike Hill (not related). There were not necessarily any standout starts on camera and apparently, there weren’t many stars behind the scenes off-camera. Whispering of mismanagement is arising in the wake of BNC actually filing bankruptcy and allegedly failing to give employees their final paychecks.

The fall of BNC was unfortunately very predictable. They had solid funding from Shad Khan so that was never an issue. The problem is that a black-only news channel is entirely too niche to exist on its own. Black Entertainment Television (BET) couldn’t even get a black-centered news segment to work in a way that would draw enough viewers to justify its existence. Ratings for BNC were some of the lowest, if not the lowest, in all of television. BNC should have been relegated to one person’s YouTube channel which could have grown to something like Louder With Crowder or Tim Pool.

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The older generation of television executives is on their way out like the dodo bird or dinosaur. No longer is television the main source of news and information for the masses. And even if it was, how many news stations does TV actually need? The market is flooded with mainstream media-style information in a market that does not want any more. The future will be alternative media online. News reporters and stations will need to do something different in order to have any success. The days of suit/tie/tv commercials are long gone and will not come back. Stations like CNN and et cetera are simply trying to stave off the inevitable.


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