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Tulsi Gabbard Has Heated Debate With Hannity Over Ukraine War

Former Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard recently had a heated debate with Fox News host Sean Hannity over the issue of Ukraine. Hannity’s plea was that Ukraine should get the appropriate tools (meaning weapons) to defend itself against Russia and ultimately win the war. He cited the numerous atrocities committed against the Ukrainian people by Russia as the reason why our moral inclination should side with Ukraine. Tulsi looked at the situation from a more practical perspective. She is also an Iraq war veteran with the US Army. Her viewpoint was deeply rooted in logic but not very popular among neo-conservatives or leftist warmongers.

Tulsi Gabbard said that Ukraine cannot win the war against the Russian Federation. They are simply overwhelmed by Russia’s military might. No nations will come to Ukraine’s aid as far as boots-on-the-ground. Leaders from the Ukrainian Government have appeared on television to ask for more resources, including planes and anti-air defense systems. This is completely ridiculous and somewhat embarrassing. President Zelenskyy of Ukraine needs to do some serious soul-searching and come to the realization that surrender is the best option here. People inside and outside of the country may feel like surrender is a coward’s move but feelings have no place in military strategy. Achieving the best outcome should be the primary objective here.

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Allowing the West to fund Ukraine and prolong this unwinnable war does not serve in Ukraine’s best interest. All it does is potentially provoke Russia into escalating the battle into dangerous territory which may prompt other nations to join, sparking another World War. This could be the ultimate goal for the warmongers who support furthering the Ukraine war. So this is in their best interest. However, it is not in the best interest of regular people in the world and it is most certainly not going to help the people of Ukraine at all. Life would become more difficult for common people just because elitists want their political objectives met.


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