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Black NYC Woman Is The First To Get The Vaccine… But Why?

A black woman by the name of Sandra Lindsay was the first to receive the virus vaccine in the United States. Not only is Lindsay a black woman, but she is also a frontline healthcare worker (nurse) in New York City. Another black woman administered the vaccine to Lindsay live on camera. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made a cameo at this moment to cheer Lindsay on. The optics at play here are obvious and quite frankly, kind of gross.

The powers that be know that the black community has an unpleasant history with vaccinations and/or medications in the trial phase. The most famous trial (or lack thereof) being the Tuskegee experiment. Sandra Lindsay acknowledged the troubled history of blacks in America and medications/vaccinations by saying that hopefully, she is an inspiration to people who “look like her” to go out and take the vaccine. Ironically enough, the Tuskegee experiment took place at a black college and had several black people at the top administering the initial “test.”

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Several “new” drugs over the years that were considered safe at the time wound up not being safe years later. All one has to do is sit up late one night and watch some of the class-action lawsuit commercials for some random, obscure drug that caused people serious harm. Some “miracle” substances like asbestos, which is actually a naturally occurring mineral in the environment, were found out several years later to be harmful. And with the speed in which this virus vaccine was developed and deployed, there is no telling what the long-term effects could be.


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