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Joe Biden Yells at Black Democrats During Livestream

Joe Biden showed his true colors during a virtual meeting with black Democrat “civil rights leaders” as he sternly redirected from the notion of using executive orders to mandate key progressive changes.

It almost sounded as if the so-called “president-elect” was admitting guilt. When pressured about police reform, Biden said the defund the police message is “how they beat the living hell out of us across the country,” according to a recording obtained and published by The Intercept.

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The hearing seemed to be an exhaustive laundry list of very specific demands — everything from the racial wealth gap to gender equality issues — to which Biden responded in an irate, defensive and dismissive manner, firing away about what he believes is his commitment to the black communities.

“You shouldn’t be disappointed,” Biden retorts, saying that he means what he says when he says it. He angrily expressed how he “took on White Supremacists” and that he has called President Donald Trump a racist. He also forcefully expressed that “what a president says matters.”

(Anyone remember when Biden said that voters who didn’t vote for him “ain’t black.” It’s our guess that those words don’t exactly matter.)

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This video surfaces as pro-black leaders criticize the lack of black Americans in the cabinet and incoming White House staff. Meanwhile, the Black Lives Matter organization published a scathing post on social media counting down the days since they’ve received a response from the so-called Biden “Administration.”

For those of us on the Right, it never ceases to amaze us how black progressives couldn’t see this coming. These black leaders and organizers vote unanimously for the very party that has pandered to minorities for decades, and then make demands after the fact.

But the big question is why didn’t these leaders meet with the Trump Administration? And why do they only aim to hold the Biden-Kamala accountable?

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What transpired in this livestream discussion is what those of us who left the Democrat party are tired of experiencing — ongoing, downward spiraling conversations about black issues that eventually end up nowhere.


Inside Biden’s Meeting With Civil Rights Leaders

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  1. Agree.

    There is a faction of blacks DEMANDING Biden hand out appointments in return for blacks delivering the election. Biden is standing his ground saying he is not going to violate the constitution. Do blacks really have anything to complain about? The second highest office is occupied by a black AND a woman! A black general was just nominated for Sec Def. A black woman is nominated for HUD. Susan Rice is black and appointed to head up Domestic Policy. Biden is putting together a team of experience in government and the fields they are nominated to lead. There is an entire country to manage, not just blacks. What about Natives and Asians?


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