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Black Politicians Upset Over Trump’s “Black Jobs” Remark During Debate

President Donald Trump spoke about “black jobs” during the debate in Atlanta, Georgia, with Joe Biden, and some people don’t like it. The context of the comment was Trump speaking about the migrant crisis. The Southern Border is wide open, and millions of people have poured across. This unprecedented level of migration, mostly illegal, is going to place a heavy tax on American citizens.

The people who are affected the most by the migrant crisis live in black and Hispanic communities. Migrants will compete with those in their new neighborhoods for resources, especially jobs. Trump spoke to the concern of the black community about their jobs being in jeopardy due to the migrant crisis. Some pundits decided to take his remarks and make memes and jokes out of it. Others chose to be outright offended. However, the reality is that President Trump spoke to a very real concern that everyone should wake up and pay attention to.

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