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Venezuelan Migrant Gang Member Shoots Two NYPD Officers

A Venezuelan migrant shot two NYPD officers after being confronted for driving the wrong way on an electric scooter. The migrant confessed to being part of a notorious gang in his native country – Tren De Aragua. Gang culture in Venezuela is extremely violent, and shooting at police officers is the norm. The arrested migrant gave a bit more information about the gang. He says they smuggle guns into the shelters set up for migrants coming into New York City. There are, of course, a lot of weapons and drugs being smuggled into the country from the wide-open southern border. Gangs are also being imported into the country, and so are their criminality and violence.


Venezuelan migrant arraigned for shooting NYPD officers, claims gang smuggling guns into shelters – YouTube

Venezuelan migrant accused of shooting 2 NYPD officers arraigned, reveals how guns are smuggled into shelters – CBS New York

Venezuelan gang smuggles guns into NYC migrant shelters, accused cop-shooter admits

Migrant accused of shooting 2 NYPD officers charged with attempted murder

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