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Black Radio Host Fired After Exposing Joe Biden’s Interview Prep Tactic

Andrea Lawful-Sanders, a black radio show host from Philadelphia, has been fired after revealing Joe Biden’s interview preparation tactic. Lawful-Sanders hosted “The Source” on Philly’s WURD 96.1 FM/900 AM. She interviewed President Biden, and the interview was released on Independence Day, July 4, 2024. A couple of days later, Lawful-Sanders was interviewed on CNN alongside fellow radio host Earl Ingram from Wisconsin.

During this segment, she revealed that the Biden Administration sent her eight questions before she interviewed him. She approved four of the questions, and those were the questions that Biden was asked. This means that Biden already knows the questions beforehand, and his team can coach him. The CNN interview was aired on Saturday, July 6. By Sunday, Lawful-Sanders “mutually parted ways” with radio station WURD.

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A statement from the station says that they are not a mouthpiece for the administration, but that is hard to tell, judging by Andrea Lawful-Sanders’s firing.


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