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Black Teenager Shot By Elderly White Man In Kansas City After Going To The Wrong House

A 16-year-old black teenager named Ralph Yarl was shot after knocking on the door of the wrong house in Kansas City, Missouri. The shooter is an 84-year-old white man named Andrew Lester. Yarl was shot once in the head and then again in the arm.

Lester says that he felt threatened because of the size of Yarl and that he would have no way to defend himself if he was to enter his home. The problem with Lester’s explanation is that he shot through his front door and screen door at Yarl, which is a clear violation of any known gun law and/or castle doctrine law on the books in the United States. Ralph Yarl was, of course, unarmed and simply at the wrong house attempting to pick up his siblings.

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The case has garnered national attention, of course, due to the racial element. Other cases, such as the 28 shot and 4 dead in Alabama, are not getting as much attention due to the lack of a racial element because everyone involved was presumably black.


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