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FBI Shuts Down “Secret” Chinese Police Station In New York City

The FBI has shut down a “secret” illegal Chinese police station in Lower Manhattan, New York City. The clandestine operation had been taking place in a relatively open Lower Manhattan location. This station is one of at least one hundred similar stations that the Chinese Communist Party has around the world in other countries. The purpose of these police stations is to monitor Chinese citizens abroad, even if they are also citizens of the host country. The two people arrested by the FBI in NYC for operating the police station are US Citizens, but clearly of Chinese origin. Rumors had been swirling for quite a while about the NYC location without much action taken. These illegal operations present an obvious cause for concern. An attempt by the Chinese Government to set up points of authority in other countries around the world, even if to monitor their own people, creates a national security risk.


Two Arrested for Operating Illegal Overseas Police Station of the Chinese Government | OPA | Department of Justice

Chinese Police Station in NYC Leads to Multiple Arrests, Sources Say – NBC New York

U.S. arrests 2 for allegedly operating secret Chinese police outpost in New York – CBS News

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