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Bling Bling Bishop Sent To Prison After Defrauding Elderly Parishioner Of Retirement Fund

Lamor Whitehead, also known as the “Bling Bling Bishop,” has been convicted of fraud-related charges in New York City. The convict-turned-preacher finds himself back on the wrong side of the law after a series of bad decisions. Whitehead has already served time for identity theft. Once he got out, he “turned his life around” and started a church. Unfortunately, the church became a vessel for Whitehead to commit more crimes.

The Bling Bling Bishop defrauded an elderly parishioner of his church from her retirement fund. He spent the $90,000 she gave him on designer clothing, shoes, and car notes. Whitehead was also convicted of attempting to extort a local businessman out of a $500,000 loan. He also lied to FBI agents who were conducting an investigation into him. All of the convictions have him facing “decades” in prison.

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Whitehead rose to the level of national attention after his Brooklyn-based church was robbed on live-stream. The Bishop says the robbers took one million dollars worth of jewelry from his wife and himself.


Bishop Lamor Miller-Whitehead found guilty of wire fraud, extortion | NBC New York – YouTube

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