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Student Goes Viral After School Requests He Removes His American Flag

A high school student from Indiana has gone viral after his school’s administration asked him to remove the American flag from the back of his pickup truck. 17-year-old Cameron Blasek says a guidance counselor and the assistant principal at East Central High School pulled him aside one day to speak about the issue. They asked him to remove the flag affixed to the bed of his blue Dodge pickup. He refused, citing the school rulebook where nothing about flags is mentioned. At least one of his parents posted about the issue on social media. The infamous Twitter account “LibsOfTikTok” picked the story up, and it went viral.

Many other students at the school decided to perform a show of force, all installing American flags on the back of the pickup trucks that they drive to school. The school’s administration eventually backed down, stating there was no problem with the flag. However, at least one report says the school may reinstate this “rule” next year, although that has not been confirmed. The school did not give a specific reason for the initial confrontation over Cameron Blasek’s American flag.

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Indiana high school student speaks out after going viral for refusing to remove US flag from his truck | Fox News

Student asked to remove American flag – YouTube

Libs of TikTok on X: “Cameron Blasek was told by East Central High School (@EastCentralHS) to remove the American flag from his truck. The next day dozens of students showed up with American flags on their cars to stand with him! MAKE THIS HERO GO VIRAL! 🇺🇸 https://t.co/GNt8wkwBqr” / X

Student says school told him to remove American flag from his truck

Indiana school is slammed for telling senior to remove American flag from his pick-up truck because it could be ‘offensive to others’ | Daily Mail Online

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