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BLM Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors Allegedly Buys Another Home, This Time It’s Worth $6 Million

Black Lives Matter (Global Network Foundation) co-founder Patrisse Cullors (and other members) are back in the news after allegedly purchasing a $6 million Southern California mansion. News of the mansion’s purchase was apparently kept from the public intentionally. New York Posts reports that BLM tried to “kill” the story, probably because of the obvious negative optics. The “complex” as it is referred to internally was allegedly purchased with BLM donation money. This news comes some months after it was revealed that Patrisse Cullors has a real estate portfolio worth around $3.2 million. The existing group of homes included three in Los Angeles and one in the Atlanta metro area. All of those homes were purchased after the death of George Floyd in which BLM and BLM-affiliated groups raised over $10 billion.

Cullors and the other co-founders of BLM filmed a video in front of the so-called “secret” mansion back in June. The video was actually posted to Cullors’s own YouTube page. They couldn’t hide it even though they attempted to hide the transaction through a series of shadowy LLCs including at least one registered in Delaware. The nearly $10 million real estate portfolio owned by Cullors and/or other members of BLM may not necessarily be an issue if not for donation money funding it. This is a serious problem and could be considered a crime if certain particular factors are met. The presence of criminality is kind of irrelevant because the optics point to terrible ethics. If a person donates to BLM for the purpose of the organization impacting positive change in the black community, they probably don’t want that cash to be used for wealth-building for a handful of individuals.

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Black Lives Matter used donations to buy $6 million Southern California home: report

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Black Lives Matter used donations to buy $6 million Southern California home: report

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  1. Big surprise there. Not. These BLM folks have been using donation money and tax funded grants etc for personal spending accounts since inception of the scam years ago. Look at how many of these pathetic “leaders” have been busted, jailed or fled. How many OG founding members have left the group to avoid prosecution. Their entire ideology is decimated by one simple fact: your ancestors, ex-slaves in fact ironically, voluntarily enlisted and participated in the “convert or exterminate” mandates that saw the mass genocide of millions, displacement, murder and discrimination of native peoples across north America and Hawaii. Nothing but one big fat lie. Buffalo Soldier hypocrites. You are not immune to accountability.

  2. Lets face it, racism is big business these days. Its the American way. The epitome of ‘get yours, at any and all costs to others. Screw factual history, screw the future, screw taking responsibility for my own actions (and those of MY ancestors), ‘ima get mine. For-profit propagators of anti-white hate. Imagine if racism ended tomorrow, there would be 50 million scumbags without a job or purpose in life. And there we have it folks, the real reason why anti-white racism in America will never end.


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