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Transgender Residents To Recieve Universal Basic Income In This California City

Transgender and non-binary residents of the Southern California city Palm Springs may be eligible to receive Universal Basic Income (UBI). The City Council unanimously voted to allocate $200,000 toward DAP Health and Queer Works to design the program and apply for state funding. The proposal is projected to pay out $600 to $900 per month to a group of 20 people. Another group of 20 people will receive services that will probably be equal in value to cash – just not the cash payments themselves. Proponents of the program say this will assist some of the most marginalized groups in society get their lives in order and help them to advance in their endeavors.


Palm Springs funds development of transgender income program – Los Angeles Times

California city to give universal income to transgender, nonbinary residents regardless of earnings | Fox News

California city to provide universal income to transgender and non-binary residents regardless of income

GOP candidates focus on transgender people as a campaign wedge issue – Los Angeles Times

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