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BLM Co-Founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors Responds To $3.2M Real Estate Controversy

Black Lives Matter (BLM) co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors responded to the controversy surrounding her $3.2 million dollar real estate portfolio. Cullors, a black woman, has repeatedly spoken about all things racism-related being the scourge of the Earth. So it’s confusing for Cullors to purchase a $1.4 million dollar home in Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles where there is a 1.4% black population. Hawk Newsome of BLM NYC requested an independent investigation into how BLM spends its money.

Patrisse Cullors did not respond to the real estate controversy through an on-camera statement, instead she posted a few words on her Instagram account. The words appear to be “organic” but there also appears to be some very specific lawyer language in there. When speaking about legal issues, lawyers are often consulted to the person speaking doesn’t place themselves into a legal bind. So when Cullors says that she does not receive a salary from a specific organization, there should be no doubt that statement is true. However, just because a person does not draw a salary from one company does not mean they don’t make money from that company or other related companies.

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The original article by the New York Post (and other outlets) was slammed as false and defamatory by Patrisse Cullors. The problem is that her defense did not directly deny her ownership of the extensive real estate portfolio. Her Instagram statement also rebutted allegations that were not necessarily made by the New York Post. In the original article about the Topanga Canyon (Los Angeles) property, the New York Post says the purchase was made through a “corporate entity”. There is no word on what corporate entity this is or how they are funded.

Khan-Cullors could have been more transparent in her statement. However, if a person understands how to read in between the lines, her statement was crystal clear. While she did not draw a salary from her specific BLM “employer”, she does do a variety of other things that will draw in loads of cash. There is a book deal, a television deal, plus her “performance art”, and speaking engagements. All of the aforementioned things have the potential to bring in millions of dollars per year without ever taking an official dollar from a BLM organization. It is the same thing with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. They are not supported by The Crown anymore but they make millions of dollars because of who they are.

Strictly from a capitalist point of view, Patrisse Khan-Cullors is doing the correct thing. She is allegedly investing in real estate at a time when inflation is accelerating at an all-time high. Cullors also has her legal entities rock solid with lawyers at her beck and call. The problem is that she masquerades as a “trained Marxist” who is at odds with capitalism. Cullors also comes off as anti-white, all while leading a group called Black Lives Matter is majority white and owning real estate in majority-white neighborhoods. The ideals that the destructive force known as BLM espouse are completely different than how one of the actual co-founders lives. This is par for the course when it comes to organizations like this.

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