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Project Veritas EXPOSES CNN Director Admitting The Network Pushes Propaganda

A CNN employee spilled the proverbial beans about his network pushing propaganda while on a Tinder date with an undercover Project Veritas employee. This is not the first time CNN has been accused of improper journalism. However, it is a rare occasion that blatant admissions are caught on videotape. CNN technical director Charlie Chester gave detailed statements about specific things the network does in order to shape narratives. Chester’s admissions of CNN’s biased and slanted coverage range from the COVID-19 pandemic to former President Donald Trump.

A key point that Chester alluded to is that CNN is all about the ratings. When viewers watch, CNN makes money and it’s just that simple. So when there is a pandemic that has shaken up half of the planet, people will tune in to news to see the latest happenings. Chester admitted to the “death ticker” being kept on-screen at CNN because it drives fear and fear drives ratings.

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The desperate and hectic way that major news outlets cover the virus may be more about ratings and money than safety and public service. This point was driven home in the Project Veritas video when James O’Keefe confronted Charlie Chester on-camera. Chester was not wearing his mask in the series of Tinder dates with the undercover Veritas employee, but he all of a sudden requested that O’Keefe wear his.

CNN’s coverage of Donald Trump was obviously biased and sort of comical at certain points. Charlie Chester did not have to say that for average Americans to notice, but he did. A key story that Chester pointed out was one time when Trump’s hands were apparently “shaking” on camera. CNN brought in a bunch of “experts” to give their analysis on why Trump may be experiencing some type of medical issues. At the same time, CNN likes to show Joe Biden on his bicycle and paint him as a “young geriatric”.

Charlie Chester said that CNN’s “unspoken” goal was to get Trump out of office. The CNN director says he truly believes that without CNN (and possibly other networks like it, perhaps) that Trump would have been reelected. This is something that many at-home observers have noticed for a very long time, at least going back to the Trump election in 2016. Hillary Clinton not only had more megadonors, therefore more cash money on her side, but she also had the mainstream media. As does Joe Biden.

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A million-dollar question here is as follows. If CNN actively pushes propaganda that comes from the very top of the network, what do other networks do? Is it isolated to just one news room? Are there any politicians directly involved? After all, many major news network employees are related, in relationships, or married to political figures or federal government employees in Washington DC. A prime example of this is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s brother who is CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo. Chris Cuomo had no problem giving his brother favorable coverage during the New York pandemic. But when sexual assault accusers lumped onto his brother, Chris was nowhere to be found.


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