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BLM Co-Founder Pays Her Baby’s Father Nearly One Million For “Creative Services”

Newly-revealed tax filings show where Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors spent millions of dollars, presumably from the pockets of donors. There isn’t much in the way of charitable action which is what BLM is supposed to be. There are, however, several large expenses doled out to family members and friends such as the $970,000 paid to Cullors’s baby father for “creative services”. Cullors also paid her brother $840,000 for “security services”. Millions of dollars were spent among the “inner circle” of Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation. These expenses make BLMGNF come off more like a shell company instead of a social justice charity. The payments may not necessarily be illegal but they are most certainly unethical.


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  1. Ya know, not all black people are bad (especially non-American blacks), criminals and up to no good, but damn if this sort of crap that just keeps happening over and over again with pretty much every black leader in America, right up to the muppet Obamas peddling their racist garbage for cash, doesnt make it really difficult not to feel that way.

    SO typical and SO fucking pathetic. This kinda shit is in the news almost weekly these days.. black leader embezzles, black leader corruption, dirty black police chief and cops, black mayor on drugs.. yada yada yada Its the oldest scam in the book. Who tf was dumb enough to give even 1 penny to these ghetto trash racist conman losers? LOL… One look at them and one sentence from their mouths, it was obvious to anyone with an IQ exceeding 50. FFS Americans are so ridiculously dumb. Every time I see a young person wearing a BLM t-shirt I want to barf. These people really dont have a clue. Americans are so dumb and brainwashed. Its a lost cause at this point.

    All of these disgusting ex-slave native American indian murdering Buffalo Soldier hypocritical opportunistic pyramid scheming MLM racist scumbags need to be rounded up and shot.. or since the US govt is too chicken shit to actually punish anybody with dark skin for crime these days (ie death sentences), at the very least locked up for the next few decades, if not forever. Use that BLM cash and sale of assets to pay for their judicial nonsense and prison time. See how BLM supporters feel about their money being wasted just as our tax money has been flushed down the proverbial toilet year after year on these ignorant cash grabbing anti-white-straight-male “movements”.

    BLM and anyone who supported or supports it can GFYS.

  2. Lmfao @ “blacky blackety black”. God knows there are plenty of corrupt deviant white folks that’ve held power of some type, but this is supposed to be a charity, not for profit, to help genuinely discriminated against people in serious need. Instead, the BLM top brass and families thereof are literally filthy rich and violent crime across the board has gone way up in the black community. White/black relations, haven’t been this bad since pre-civil war southern states disbanding from the union. This is corruption on another level and therefore the punishment should be equal to the crime and more severe. Unbelievable what these criminals are getting away with today. Sickening.


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