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Netflix Torches Their Own Woke Employees – Love It Or Leave It

Netflix released a several-thousand-word memo that has shaken some of its more “woke” employees down to the core. The full text of said memo can be found on Netflix’s website. The best way to summarize the “surreal” memo is to refer to it as a wake-up call to employees who protested Dave Chappelle’s recent comedy special due to the LGBTQ jokes. Netflix essentially told those employees that there will be content on the platform that they may not agree with. If they find themselves in an untenable situation due to “intolerable” content, the best course of action would be for them to leave. The memo comes off as an ultimatum to employees who have drawn a proverbial line in the sand at Dave Chappelle. Maybe these people thought they have more power than they actually do. Netflix’s memo clears up any misconceptions or confusion.


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  1. LOL @ the environmentally conditioned sexually deviant snowflakes having tantrums over this. Cant believe I am saying this but, kudos to Netfilx! That being said, the platform still suuuuucks.

  2. These people have nothing better to do than bitch and moan about, well, anything really. Skin color and sexual deviancy are big business in the USA. Without these issues 50 million people would be out of “work” and without a purpose in life. Because the alternative of having a peaceful, loving, law abiding, god fearing, considerate and respectful of others, prosperous life is just way too much to ask for in the USA today. Get a FN life people!


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