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BLM Leader Accused Of Stealing $10 Million From The Organization

According to a lawsuit, BLM leader Shalomyah Bowers is accused of stealing ten million dollars from the organization. Bowers became leader of Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation in April after his predecessor, Patrisse Cullors got caught up in her own controversy. It was revealed that Cullors had amassed a large real estate portfolio featuring one home in Los Angeles that cost $6 million dollars in cash. Bowers was part of the group at that point and defended the extravagant home. He said the home was never intended to be lived in and was for the community to use.

Shalomyah Bowers has been a loyal member of Black Lives Matter. That loyalty is in question due to the lawsuit and allegations that come from within the organization itself. The lawyer who drafted paperwork to create an offshoot BLM company that Bowers runs is the same lawyer who drafted the lawsuit against him.
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Activists accuse BLM leader Shalomyah Bowers of stealing $10M

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