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California Could Raise Fast-Food Minimum Wage To $22 An Hour

California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed off AB 257 also known as the Fast Recovery Act. Part of this act may raise the minimum wage for fast food workers up to a cap of $22 per hour by next year. Any wage rising will be done in concert with a Fast Food Council which will sit down with legislators to negotiate. There are also talks of unionizing fast food workers. The federal minimum wage is $7.25. California’s state minimum wage is $15.00 for companies with more than 26 employees and $14.00 for companies with fewer. Restauranteurs have already responded to the new law by saying that prices will, of course, have to rise in order to compensate.


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  1. Man its about time! I been waitin since like ’89 for a bump in pay damn. finally its here and my kids can finally get them new shoes they been after fer ten years. hallelujah! oh wait. my rent just went up and so did the poverty level go down. hm .. now I get more hourly but my rents up and I cant get food stamps or meds or my damn bus cards?

  2. Well I work in the technical industry, got an education and many years of experience and some burger flipper or french fry seasoner will be making 2/3 my pay? How is that happening? $20 hamburgers? No thanks. This will ruin businesses. Prices will go up on everything and also the value of my retirement plan will go down. These lawmakers are not thinking clearly and will be hurting low income retired seniors now too.


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