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BLM Scammer Spends 200K Of Donation Cash On Lavish Lifestyle!

Sir Maejor Page (real name Tyree Conyers-Page) was raided by the FBI for fraud and money laundering relating to the money he raised while representing himself as a Black Lives Matter (BLM) chapter in Atlanta, Georgia. The scheme started with a Facebook page that Conyers-Page created called “Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta, Inc”. Conyers-Page used the Facebook page to solicit donation money through a GoFundMe account.

According to the FBI, Conyers-Page set up the non-profit organization with the expressed purposes of charitable donations and actions. This includes, but is not limited to, charitable works for the surrounding community. None of Conyers-Page receipts show evidence of anything purchased for community advancement or “racial justice”. However, nearly $200k of receipts do show Conyers-Page spent money on personal items like clothing, jewelry, expensive accessories, and more.

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While Conyers-Page did spend about $200k on personal items, he got much more than that in total donation money. Court documents say the following: “In June 2020, BLMGA’s Facebook page received approximately $36,493.80 in donations. In July 2020, it received approximately $370,933.69, and in August 2020, it received an additional $59,914.69. All of this money was transferred from Facebook to BLMGA’s account ending in 7235.”

Conyers-Page also tried to pass himself off as the CEO and President of Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta (BLMGA). The official “Black Lives Matter” organization denies knowing anything about the “BLMGA” organization. BLM also says that they do not have any “CEOs” or “Presidents” of chapters because it is against their “ethos.”

Tyree Conyers-Page is no stranger to law enforcement. As a matter of fact, he has impersonated law enforcement on numerous occasions. He once attempted to arrest a woman outside of an Atlanta-area gas station for an open container violation. When the police arrived, the woman was released and Conyers-Page was arrested. Law enforcement observed Conyers-Page in an outfit that closely resembled that of the Atlanta Police Department, including a utility belt featuring a loaded Glock pistol with extra magazines.

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