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California Will House Transgender Inmates By Their Gender Identity!

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a new law that requires California prisons to house transgender inmates by their gender identity. For example, if a biological male identifies as a transgender woman, he will be housed in a women’s prison. An inmate’s request or “designation” to a particular prison due to their gender identity could be denied if they pose a “management or security” concern. The author of the bill, the notorious California State Senator Scott Weiner, says he does not anticipate the exception to get used very often. Weiner is the author of another controversial bill that reduces penalties for men who have relations with underage boys.

Transgender rights advocates say biological men who identify and present as female will be a target for harassment and abuse if they are housed with other biological men who do not identify and/or present as female. This may be true, but then again it is not. Going back 20 to 30 years ago, men who presented as women were at a higher risk of abuse in prisons with all biological heterosexual men. Fast forward to 2020, jails and prisons across the United States are filled with gay men in voluntary relationships with each other. There is less of a need to abuse a homosexual man in jail because there are so many willing participants.

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The true danger in prisons is the reverse of what transgender rights activists say. If biological men who identify as women are housed with biological women, there will for sure be an exponential increase in female inmate rape. There will also be a staggering number of inmate pregnancies from male inmates. What is to prevent a heterosexual male from identifying as female when he is asked by prison intake? How can his transgender status be verified? Most of these men still have some or all of their original male genitalia.

Radical LGBTQ+ agendas are nothing new in the United States. California, however, is taking this entirely too far. A person’s homosexuality should not give them carte blanche to operate however they please. Societal norms must be kept and safety must be a priority, even for prison inmates.


California will house transgender inmates by gender identity

California requires correctional facilities to house transgender inmates based on gender identity – CNN

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