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BLM Security Attack Random White Man In Portland For No Good Reason!

Black Lives Matter (BLM) “security” was recorded attacking a random white man in Portland, Oregon. The assault victim was driving his white pickup truck in the city and came upon a so-called “peaceful protest.” A mob of people immediately descends upon his car and attacks him and a woman that may have been his passenger and or his wife. He was able to escape but crashed his car into a nearby light pole.

The crowd descended upon the random man again after the crash. When he got out of the crashed car, they pushed him to the ground and asked him a bunch of random questions. They essentially detained him. This video picks up when the guy is still on the ground, trying to call his wife, not picking a fight. The “BLM security guard” runs up behind him and kicks him in the head which renders him unconscious.

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The identity of the “BLM security guard” has been rumored online but isn’t confirmed quite yet. However, the rumors do appear to be fairly accurate. The rumored man looks identical to the assailant in several online videos. It’s not quite clear if the assault victim is in the hospital or what condition he’s in. Considering the severity of the beating he received on video, the man is probably not in the best shape at this moment.

This is a developing story and updates will happen as more information is discovered.

UPDATE (8.18.20 / 3:34PM EST): The attacker has been positively identified as 25-year-old Marquise “Keese” Love of Portland. Police are currently searching for him. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Detective Brent Christensen at 503-823-2087 or at [email protected].

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  1. AB, these cowards need to face force for force. Until they are locked up for a long time, it ain’t getting any better.

  2. If I were that guy, I would make it my life’s work to get retribution from every single one of those pieces of shit. Every. Single. One.

  3. And THIS is the group of savages y’all white people wanna surrender the country to with your orgasmic cases of white guilt??

  4. this is a bunch of punks that think they are something special when in reality the higher up thugs that are throwing a few bucks to these punks wouldn’t give them the time of day if they passed them on the street and these punks are going to be in for a true reality check if this process gets to the level that the higher up thugs are hoping to get to they want to talk about slavery well I would be willing to bet that these punks will be right there along with the regular people and be made slaves along together you just keep that in mind and when it happens you will remember this I told you so but now its to late to see what you were doing was wrong because you know they have it all planned out and know who is dumb enough to fall for their game .

  5. If I were that man,after I recovered,I would contact the right people and have these low life scum disappear and never be seen again.

  6. I did not defend this country for 20 years only to see scum insurrectionist have there way. Its time to tear a page out of history and combat this evil…. with force!

  7. Violent kick to the back of the head.
    Could have killed him. Broken his neck. Find this pos , charge him with a hate crime( since liberals are so big on these ) also charge attempted murder.

  8. This is sickening! Idiots like this is why I don’t leave the house without a gun. Things are spinning out of control and we are getting close to another civil war. That is a war they can’t win but they haven’t thought it through far enough to realize that. November may very well be the match to the powder keg.

  9. How do you like Democrat Socialism so far? PORT, NY, CHI, ATL, WA, DC Minneapolis just to mention a few. All Democrat leadership did the same thing, allowing the rioters to destroy.

    If Joe Biden is elected President America will be on fire…..only Biden won’t send federal officers.

    Democrat Mayors ordering police to stand down while the city is looted, burned. citizens beaten in the streets, monuments destroyed, police stations attacked taken over and allowed to be occupied. Antifa and BLM founder is a Marxist, (the media is hiding this fact) are the criminals behind this and the Democrat city and state leaders are complicit.

    Biden stated he’s going to “transform America” If you vote for Joe Biden it will be for a far left platform.. Joe will follow the radical left’s agenda or Joe won’t get the support (and he is) of Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, Karen Bass (Leader Congressional Black Caucus), llhan Omar, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Val Demings, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Valerie Jarrett,. Rashida Talib, Stacy Abrams, Ayanna Pressley, Nancy Pelosi, Sheila Jackson Lee, Tom Perez, Maxine Waters, Pramila Jayapal.

    This is the core of the socialists wing of the Democrat party and is firmly in charge, not old , confused Joe Biden. Biden will be a puppet to a liberal Vice President and those mentioned above.) Socialist llhan Omar stated recently, she will support Biden who has “one of the most progressive platforms in the history of the Democrat party.” He does

    A vote for Biden is a vote for a 71 trillion tax increase, citizenship for 20 to 50 million illegal aliens, free healthcare for Illegal aliens,de-fund & terminate border patrol & ICE, .iIllegal aliens eligible for welfare & food stamps, open borders, sanctuary cities, free college for all including illegal aliens, end all deportations, decriminalize illegal entry into the country,reparations, de-fund the police, 2nd amendment will be under attack, reparations, the green new deal, climate change plan that will cost taxpayers trillions..

  10. Please read through please do a video on (Venezuela to day the highest crime rate in the world. )
    (We are one vote away from the same

    They have hundards of killings every day.

    For people who think being a socialist is great go live in Venezuela its everything the rioters want no police, no laws, violence on call, freedom to kill at will.

    Venezuela was a very rich country a few years ago. Then the socialist goverment took over.
    See video called Venezuela highest crime es in the World.
    Venezuela was just like us here in the US.
    Now they are a nation of very poor they now live in shacks a big family. In two rooms holes in the walls and roof’s . People work for less then 30 dollars a week. The people live on 2 lbs.of rice and corn flour standing in line for 7 to 9 hours once a week. There is NO paper not for toilet paper or money. No Electricity no air condition or heat. The meat is often
    cought in the alley rats, cats. or dogs if they can find any people need to eat.
    Different GANGS rule, many as young as 5 are killing and robbing.
    The very rich and political law makers have it all lots of food good housing ect.
    WATCH Venezuela the highest crime rate in the world. It tells it like it is.

    (WE , You and ME) are (one vote away) from being the next Venezuela .
    Please add this to your Blog and please do a video… try to get this story out …..

  11. Really??? REALLY???

    How DARE people be this vile… This grotesque…

    I pray that each and everyone of these cowards is identified…arrested…tried and convicted… and sentenced to death… Which in my opinion is too darn good for them!!!

    Jesus… please hold the family of this man close…fill them with courage and peace…


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