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Democrats DEMAND Billions To Fund USPS And Vote By Mail!

Democrats and President Trump are at odds over a new wave of relief funding due, in part, to an impasse on the issue of the USPS (the Post Office). USPS has been hemorrhaging money for years now. They are not profitable and continue to operate on a business model that does not work. New leadership within USPS is calling for cost-cutting measures to try and stop the bleeding. Democrats and the left, in general, don’t like the cost-cutting measures because they think it interferes with mail-in voting.

Check’s In The Mail

USPS is in deep financial trouble. Democrats want to include money to save the long-struggling USPS in any new version of the virus relief bill. The Board of Directors at USPS say they need $25 billion just for daily operations and the Democrats apparently want another $3.5 billion on top of that. In today’s day and age of multi-trillion dollar stimulus bills, nearly $30 billion may not seem like a lot but it most certainly is. Especially in the case of USPS which has a failing business model, in general.

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It doesn’t actually matter how much money USPS gets or does not get. No amount of cash can fix the obvious structural problems or the outdated business model that USPS has. Even if the money would have a positive effect on USPS, the changes probably wouldn’t take place until after the election. And the Democrats seem to think the money they want for USPS will pave the way for Universal mail-in voting, which it won’t.

Scamdemic Continues

It’s difficult to remember the good old days of mid-March 2020 when the American people were told the infamous “15 days to slow the spread” line. It is now mid-August of 2020 and that hopeful message has morphed into the beginning stages of a dystopian socialist society. And since mail-in voting for the November 2020 election is all-the-rage right now, it appears if the Democrats plan on continuing the 15-day pause for a few more months.

Lack of Infrastructure

Over 800 ballots in Michigan were deemed invalid this year because the voter was dead. 500,000 ballots in Virginia were sent out with incorrect information and/or to pet dogs and cats. An election that happened months ago in New York is still up in the air due to irregularities with mail-in voting. If mail receptacles are packed to the brim with Christmas Cards during the holidays, then how will the USPS handle the extreme volume of mail-in voting?

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Mail-in voting will simply increase the chances of voter fraud and voter disenfranchisement. A prime example of this is the woman in Indiana who was arrested for filling in hundreds of mail-in ballots with “Democrat” before she sent them out. Ironically enough, the same political people who pushed for the three-year-long Russia investigation into election interference are totally ignoring the obvious pitfalls of an untested system of mail-in voting.


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