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BLM “Shooter” Quintez Brown Released From Jail On $100k Bond

BLM activist Quintez Brown, the man accused of shooting at Louisville mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg, has been released from jail on a $100,000 bond. The bond was raised by the Louisville Community Bail Fund – a BLM adjacent group. News reports say that the group was awash in cash after the Breonna Taylor protests back in 2020 that it was no big deal to raise the cash to get Quintez Brown out of jail pending his court date.

Craig Greenberg says his team is just as traumatized as he is that Quintez Brown has been released. The attack was completely brazen and unprovoked. It happened in broad daylight in an office building. By the grace of God, Brown is a bad shot. He fired his weapon at least four times directly at Greenberg and was only able to graze his sweater. But Greenberg did not sustain any physical injuries. The mental damage, however, can’t really be measured.

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Local BLM organizer Chanelle Helm told the media that she is concerned about Brown getting the proper resources he needs to address his mental health. She thinks leaving him in prison would deny him of those resources. Helm also said the system of cash bail is rooted in systemic slavery due to insurmountable debt. Quintez Brown faces one charge of attempted murder and four counts of wanton endangerment.


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