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Blue’s Clues Markets LGBTQ Propaganda To Children?

The television cartoon show for young children called “Blue’s Clues” has released a brand-new episode to celebrate Pride Month. The month of June is widely recognized as a time to celebrate all things LGBTQ+. Corporations are diving off the proverbial “woke” diving board into myriad ways to pander to people living an alternative lifestyle.

Kellogg has a limited-edition cereal box with LGBTQ+ colors and space for the consumer’s pronouns on the side. The kids show Rugrats announced that one of the main adult characters is officially a lesbian. One troubling factor that all of the aforementioned companies and television shows have in common is that all of their efforts center on marketing the LGBTQ+ lifestyle to children.

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The Blue’s Clues episode in question features a cartoon drag queen leading a gay parade. All different factions of the LGBTQ+ movement are represented with their respective flags in the parade, including transgender and pansexual. Not only are the flags present for visual representation, but the drag queen “host” calls out each group by name. This would not be an issue if Blue’s Clues was an adult show. But the show has been on television for the past 25 years and it has always been targeted at pre-kindergarten children.

At one point in recent history, Americans would stand up as a collective unit and fight back against the sexualization of children. Some of these marketing agencies would like that time to be a long-forgotten part of a bad past. Upstanding Americans cannot let that be the case.


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  1. You e got to be kidding me. Pushing things like that on pre k kids? Pathetic and disgusting. Leave their inncence alone. Very offensive

  2. IMO, most people find homosexuality disturbing, disgusting, and sometimes downright abhorrent. The whole gay “movement” has ballooned from acceptance of what 2 people do in the privacy of their home (back then usually a childless couple), to everybody has the right to parade around in public with their kids, with dudes running around dressed as strippers, and all kinds of sick stuff. I think most people would be willing to turn a blind eye to the first scenario, but of course that’s not enough. Now we have what we have because of degenerates being given legitimacy in society. Modern society is not going to last much longer.


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