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Several “Nooses” Found At Amazon Fulfillment Center Construction Site in Connecticut

Windsor, Connecticut has been turned upside down after several “nooses” were found at an Amazon Fulfillment Center construction site. The facility is not open for business just yet as construction appears to be somewhere in the middle phase. An unnamed whistleblower took a picture of a so-called “noose” and sent it to local news. Since then, the story has taken a life of its own. Local police, FBI agents, NAACP, and BLM have all descended upon the scene. Several more “nooses” were found, work on the site has momentarily stopped, and there is an award for $100,000 to find the “culprit” in this case.

This story comes across as odd, if not just an outright lie, for a variety of reasons. Since the fulfillment center is under construction and not complete, the only people who are going to be inside are construction workers. The average construction site will consist of Central Americans (Mexican usually) and white guys.

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There, of course, will be some black men on the site occasionally, but that is uncommon. Construction sites are dominated by Central Americans, many of whom cannot speak much English. So what would be the purpose of Mexicans hanging up nooses? Who are they trying to intimidate? The non-existent black construction workers? The same logic can be applied to white guys as well.

This story would make more sense if the so-called nooses were found outside of a construction zone at, let’s say, a black college. That would most certainly be worth investigating. But considering how non-black people stick out like a sore thumb in an all-black place, that person would have a very hard time trying to set up an easter-egg hunt amount of nooses all over the place.

News of the noose incident comes on the heels of several hate crime hoaxes. Just outside of Fayetteville, N.C., a car lot owner installed cameras to discover who was vandalizing his establishment with racist graffiti. Two young black males were captured on camera less than 24 hours later. Another incident, this time in Georgia, involved the owner of a bar/restaurant. The owner called police to report that racist vandals had spray-painted graffiti everywhere. He also said they ransacked the place and stole his flat-screen TVs. The owner was caught down the road from his business with his own flat-screen TVs in the bed of his pickup truck.

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The most famous of all recent hate hoax incidents is Jussie Smollet, featuring the infamously ridiculous “this is MAGA country” line. After Smollet, it appears as if hate hoaxes are on the rise and actual hate crimes are a thing of the past. Of course hate crimes still happen… but who would know when 99.9% of everything that the news reports turns out to be fake?


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