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Brian Flores Sues The NFL Over Racism In Hiring Practices

Former Miami Dolphins Head Coach Brian Flores has sued the National Football League (NFL) over racism in hiring practices. The lawsuit comes after a revelation that came to him via a mistaken text message from New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Bellichick. The message in question was congratulatory. Bellichick congratulated Brian Flores for securing the head coaching position for the New York Giants. The problem is that Flores hadn’t even interviewed for the position yet. It was later revealed that Brian Daboll was hired as the Giants HC, not Flores. This means that Bellichick already knew Daboll was hired before Flores even had the chance to interview.

Flores has gone on several interviews in the past few years for head coaching and/or high-level personnel positions. He describes one of these interviews as a “sham” meant to satisfy the “Rooney Rule”. This rule comes from the late Art Rooney of Pittsburgh Steelers ownership. It states that at least one (now, two) minorities must be interviewed for open high-level personnel jobs on NFL teams. The problem with the Rooney Rule is that it creates unserious interviews where the purpose is simply to satisfy the rule and move on. Sometimes an organization may want to hire a minority person to fill a role, and sometimes they don’t. There isn’t truly a way to prove that a hiring decision was based on race.

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Brian Flores knows that he faces an uphill battle. The timing of this lawsuit does not help his battle at all. This is the NFL offseason and he was actually in the running for other open head coaching positions. Teams are now caught between a proverbial rock and hard place. Any team that considers hiring him will now have to deal with blowback from other owners and maybe even the league itself due to the pending lawsuit. If a team was rumored to potentially hire him and they don’t, then they get accused of racism by the woke mob. What will probably happen is that all teams surround the wagons around the NFL by blocking him out altogether. Flores understands this risk and he says that something had to be done to create change.


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