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Whoopi Goldberg Is In Trouble For Her Comments “On The View”

Whoopi Goldberg is in deep trouble over controversial comments she made on “The View”. Goldberg and her co-hosts were discussing a book called “Maus” that is pending removal from Tennessee Public Schools. The book is a Holocaust story but it is being removed because it contains nudity. One of the women asked if this removal was “racist”. The panel generally agreed with “racism” being behind the removal despite the legitimate concerns of nudity being exposed to grade school students. And that’s because “The View” is a liberal show with a bias against conservatives – especially those who have recently been vocal at school board meetings. Whoopi Goldberg, however, decided to go well off of the beaten path and offer up a different answer.

Whoopi, birth name Caryn Elaine Johnson, decided to slightly go against the grain and say that the Holocaust was not about race. Her co-hosts immediately attempted to correct her in the most respectful way possible. Ana Navarro mentioned Jews and Gypsies as being different than the Nazis. Whoopi wasn’t really trying to hear and she stuck to her guns. She said that the conflict was white-on-white and they “fought amongst themselves”. Whoopi also said that instead of race, the Holocaust was simply about evil and people mistreating one another. Her comments reverberated throughout daytime television, social media, mainstream media, and nearly everywhere else.

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Stephen Colbert hosted Whoopi Goldberg for a one-on-one chat during his nightly show. It appears as if she went from The View directly to his show. She looked to be wearing the same outfit she had on in the now-viral “Holocaust” clip. This was clearly supposed to be a damage control-style apology. Instead of apologizing, she doubled down. This time, she invoked her own race. She said that she is black and if the Klan were walking down the street, she would run, but if a Jewish person were right next to her, they probably wouldn’t have to move. Stephen Colbert tried his best to nicely inform her that Jews were in fact, their own people and that the Holocaust was about “race” but Whoopi didn’t budge too much.

Whoopi appeared on “The View” the next day to directly apologize for her comments, but the damage may have already been done. The only reason she wasn’t fired straight away is most likely due to network loyalty and liberal political affiliation. If this were Meghan McCain or someone somewhat aligned to conservative values, the termination would have made all heads on stage spin. Sharon Osborne was fired from her CBS show “The Talk” for simply defending Piers Morgan over his comments about Meghan Markle.

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