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Bud Light Shifts The Blame For Dylan Mulvaney Fallout As Sales Drop 25%

A short, now-viral video shows a complete lack of lines at Bud Light concession stands inside Fenway Park. The famous Boston Red Sox calls Fenway Park home. Surely, there have been many days and nights over the century of their existence where fans have purchased beer from concessions. Bud Light has been around for a very long time and, at one point, was #1 in their space. However, the glory days of Bud Light as the beer of choice in places like bars and baseball stadiums may come to an end.

Bud Light has suffered a 25% drop in sales over the past few weeks as a result of the Dylan Mulvaney controversy. Mulvaney is a popular transgender social media star. For some reason, Anheuser-Busch (or a company associated with them) decided to bring on Mulvaney as a digital ambassador. Mulvaney produced a video promoting the beer with a personalized beer can and a promo code.

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The CEO of Anheuser-Busch, Michel Doukeris, disavowed the Mulvaney endorsement as a one-off that was not approved at high levels. This comment was made during an investor meeting. Obviously, the goal of Doukeris’s remarks was to extinguish the flames that the fallout from Mulvaney has caused. Major investors in the company are probably not too happy at the billions of dollars the company has lost from the Bud Light product as of late.


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