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Steven Crowder Exposed Himself At Work According To Former Staff

Steven Crowder allegedly exposed himself in front of a large group of former employees. This news comes on the heels of several controversies involving the mega-star conservative YouTuber. The first issue was a contract dispute with conservative media outlet Daily Wire. Crowder recorded private conversations with his former friend, Jeremy Boering, accusing him of colluding with big tech against fellow conservatives on social media. The second issue with Crowder was his now very public divorce. Crowder accused another conservative social media star, Candace Owens, of attempting to extort him with knowledge of the divorce that he attempted to keep quiet.

Ten former “Louder With Crowder” employees told the New York Post about the “abusive” nature of Crowder’s company. They told the Post that he would often scream at employees, including his own father. He also forced underlings to wash his dirty laundry. They even accuse Crowder of exposing his private parts to staff. One incident in particular stands out with former producer, “Not Gay Jared” – Jared Monroe. “Jared was asleep in the last row. Steven was in front and he was joking about what he was going to do,” the staffer recalled. “He climbed over and dropped his junk on top of Jared’s shoulder.”

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Much of the controversy surrounding Steven Crowder appears to be a result of Crowder’s own behavior. While attempting to label Candace Owens an “extortion artist”, Crowder made one fatal mistake. He said that he “picked wrong” when referencing the marriage to his wife who he is currently divorcing. This prompted his wife’s family to respond with a statement and a video that has proven to be damning. The video shows Crowder verbally abusing his wife. No former colleagues (or current colleagues) have come to Crowder’s defense. Anyone linked to Crowder who has spoken up has defended the wife, not him. The wife video was probably all it took for former employees to reach out to the media and expose his prior behavior.


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