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Queen Elizabeth Dies At Age 96 After 70 Years Of Leading The Monarchy

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom died at 96 after 70 years on the throne on Wednesday, September 8th, 2022. She was preceded by her father, King George VI, and seceded by her son, 73-year-old King Charles III. Controversy immediately erupted on television and on social media after her death was announced. Various emotions from anger to sadness filled up the Twitter timeline. Some people expressed true sadness for her passing and happiness for the life she lived. Others expressed glee in her death while outright admonishing her life as a disgrace. A few “prominent” people lost their jobs due to making hateful comments about the Queen because they veered off into the territory of outright bigotry. Overall, the comments and reactions to the Queen’s passing were positive emotions. People paid their respects and expressed grievances.


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