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California Man Defends Himself In Attempted Home Invasion

A Los Angeles, California homeowner was forced to spring into action after being descended upon by two armed home invaders. The man was returning to his home with tea and keys in hand when two men jumped the gate/wall outside of his home. Security camera footage caught the men running toward the homeowner as the security gate was still in the process of closing.

As the homeowner was unlocking his front door, one of the men ran to him and stuck a gun in his back. The homeowner thought quickly and splashed the presumably hot tea on the would-be robber and/or home invader. The homeowner pulled his own firearm and got into a shootout with the suspects. It is not known if anyone was injured during the melee, but nobody inside the home was harmed.

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The homeowner later told local news that no material inside of his home was worth losing his life. However, his newborn baby, wife, and nanny were all inside at the time. The homeowner’s job at the point of the two armed men approaching him was to protect his family.

Suspects in the case have not been captured as of the writing of this article and the case is still under investigation.


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