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California Teacher Exposed As ANTIFA Member By Project Veritas

A Sacramento, California high school AP Government teacher has been exposed as an active ANTIFA member. The now-infamous group known as Project Veritas again went undercover to expose the educator. Gabriel Gipe teaches at Inderkum High School in the Natomas Unified School District. In undercover footage, Gipe admits to using “180 days” that teachers are given with students in order to indoctrinate them further to the left.

Gabriel Gipe is a large portion of parents’ worst nightmare come to life. Every parent (usually) dreams of sending their child to the best school possible … or at least giving them the best shot at education. Whether that be public, private, charter or home. The last thing most parents ever want to hear about is their child becoming victim to one of their teachers in any way, form, or fashion. Not only is Gabriel Gipe a leftist indoctrinator, but he is also a dangerous person. ANTIFA is known for violent “activism”, especially on the left coast.

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Critical Race Theory is a hot-button phrase used by many as an umbrella term that includes tactics Gabriel Gipe uses. Parents, teachers, and administrators alike all know how powerful CRT is. Some people think CRT is dangerous and harmful, others think it is good and revolutionary. The majority of parents probably think the former. This is why so many school board meetings have become overrun with parents opining about CRT. The objective is to keep indoctrinators like Gabriel Gipe out of schools. Most parents do not want to send their child to a reeducation camp masquerading as a high school.


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