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Did Joe Biden Refer To His Black Senior Advisor As “Boy”?

Joe Biden appeared to refer to his black senior advisor, Cedric Richmond, as “boy” during a FEMA conference. The event was held to address issues surrounding Hurricane IDA and the necessary response that will take place. Toward the beginning of the event, Biden took time to exchange virtual pleasantries and introduce people nearby. Biden then looked to Cedric Richmond who was either on a monitor or in the same building. For some odd reason, Joe Biden decided to refer to Richmond as “boy” when introducing him as a Louisiana native.


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  1. My opinion is moot since I’m not black, but I can tell when somebody is talking trash about me no matter which words they use. Politicians on the left/Dems do it all the time. Then they turn around and try to schmooze, but to me it just comes off as smarmy and disingenuous. Politicians in general give me bad vibes. I limit my interaction with them to telling them how I think they are doing, good or bad.


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