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Biden Called Afghan President Ghani To Create False Narrative About The Taliban

Joe Biden called the President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, to create a false narrative about the Taliban. The news was initially broken by Reuters through records of an official phone call transcript. Biden did express confidence in the Afghan Government and Military, boasting about their size and might. But the US President also recognized that many viewed the Taliban as having the upper hand in the fight. This fact, in his mind, created the need for another narrative to be spun.

Whether the Afghan Government was actually winning or losing as of late July 2021 was irrelevant to Joe Biden. All that mattered was the narrative of a strong Afghan Government and a weak Taliban. The intention was not to deceive the US military or the Afghan military who know the obvious truth on the ground. And that truth is the Taliban have always been winning. Joe Biden’s intention was to deceive civilian citizens of allies and of the United States. In short, the objective was to send a message to the news media that would then be projected to the average viewer at home.

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This information flies in the face of Joe Biden’s consistent message that he had no idea the Taliban were going to take the country so quickly. Maybe the immediate nature in which the Afghan Government folded was stunning. But Biden had to have known that the Taliban would take over in a short period of time. If he didn’t know that, then why call on Ghani to make it appear as if the Taliban were weaker than what they obviously were? Why call on former President Karzai to collude with Ghani in a press conference? There are so many questions and so few answers.

Former President Trump made a call similar in nature to Joe Biden’s Afghanistan call. Trump called Ukrainian President Zelensky and at some point, Trump asked him if he could look into both the Crowdstrike fiasco as well as the drama surrounding Joe and Hunter Biden in relation to Burisma Holdings. Hunter Biden was discharged from the military for drug use and just a few months later he was making up to $80,000 per month on the board of the aforementioned Ukrainian energy company. Trump’s call, however, did not go over as well as Biden’s has so far. In fact, it was enough to earn him his first of two impeachments. Will this call have the same effect on Biden? Judging by the current political makeup of Washington DC, probably not. If this were Trump in the same situation, it would be strike #3.


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