Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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California Teachers Say That Teaching Kids To Say “Ask” Instead Of “Axe” Is Rooted In White Superiority

A group of “woke” California K-12 teachers agree that teaching black kids to say “ask” instead of “axe” is racist. A minute-long Zoom call surfaced online featuring a white female teacher speaking about the issue. She said that it is improper to correct a black kid saying “axe” due to the child’s language practices at home. Two black female teachers present on the call nodded in agreement. The teacher went on to say that the desire to say that “axe” isn’t a real word is rooted in white supremacy/superiority.


Mythinformed on X: “Woke California k-12 educators agree that correcting a child’s pronunciation of the word “ask” is “white racial superiority”. https://t.co/psrxVg40BH” / X

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