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Canada Seeks To Expand “Assisted Dying” Program

Canada may expand its “assisted dying” program to people suffering from mental health problems, which include drug addicts. “Assisted dying” is the same thing as legally assisted suicide. The program started back in 2016 to give people a legal alternative to suffering through terminal illness and/or severe pain that could come from a disability. Critics of the program have likened it to “eugenics” saying that euthanasia should be a thing reserved for animals, not human beings. Others say that this is a compassionate way to end the lives of long-suffering people who do not wish to put up a fight anymore.

Another school of thought says that this is the mythical “death panel” come to life. If a person is undergoing extensive treatment for a terminal illness under Canada’s Universal Healthcare System, that could run the state quite a bit of money. Same thing with hardcore drug addicts. If a person overdoses on fentanyl every week, all of the Narcan used to revive them will start to add up in cost. Then, there is the late-life treatment of a long-term drug abuser. These costs can be minimized or avoided completely if the person simply does not exist to incur the expenses.

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Canada Will Legalize Medically Assisted Dying For People Addicted to Drugs

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