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Oprah Wanted To Run For President In 2020 With GOP Senator Mitt Romney

Oprah Winfrey allegedly wanted to run for President in 2020 alongside Mitt Romney on an Independent ticket. Oprah would have been the Vice President while Romney was the front man. Romney, of course, politely declined the invitation. This information comes on the eve of Romney’s memoir being released.

The reasoning behind Oprah allegedly wanting to do this was her lack of faith in the Democratic ticket of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. She thought that they would not be enough to defeat Donald Trump. Oprah also allegedly thought that someone like Elizabeth Warren would not be up to the task. Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was also mentioned as a person Oprah could have run with in 2020.

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According to Romney’s book, Oprah has known the Romneys since 2012 when she interviewed them at their lakeside home in New Hampshire. Ever since that time, she was fond of the family, especially Mitt’s wife, Ann. It was allegedly Ann who got the phone call from Oprah attempting to convince Mitt to run as an Independent in 2020 with her as a running mate.


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