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Canadian Man Elects For Medically Assisted Death After Waiting 10 Weeks For Cancer Treatment

Dan Quayle, a 52-year-old Canadian man, selected a heartbreaking option after waiting weeks in a hospital for cancer treatment. Quayle’s wife and daughter say that his health was deteriorating for weeks while waiting to get chemotherapy. The family was not given direct answers when they inquired about his treatment status. The only answer given to them was “we are backlogged.” Such a response is not uncommon in the Canadian healthcare system as only 75% of cancer patients receive radiation therapy within the recommended 28-day window. Many patients in British Columbia, the province where Quayle lived, are being sent to Bellingham, Washington, United States for treatment.

The option Dan Quayle opted for instead of continuing to wait for cancer treatment is something called MAiD. This is the controversial concept known as “medically assisted death” which is essentially voluntary human euthanasia. Quayle died at the end of November. At the 11th hour, just before his scheduled time to pass away, he was informed of a date for his cancer treatment. By that time, it was too late. His health had deteriorated to an unbearable state and he was ready to go.

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