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Students At Warwick University In The UK Forced To Go Vegan Under New Rule

Students at Warwick University in the United Kingdom have adopted a plan to transform their campus into meat and dairy-free, essentially forcing the student population to become vegan. This measure was adopted by way of a vote that was open to the entire student body. However, only 2.7% of the 28,000 students actually showed up to vote. Of this very small turnout, only 52% of people voted in the affirmative.

An advocate for the plan appeared on television to defend it by saying they passed out about 1,000 flyers and they were very aggressive with campaigning on the issue. The vote was most likely composed of people who had been campaigning for the measure and a handful of other people who just happened to hear about it through word of mouth or by reading one of the handful of flyers that were passed out.

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Students at Warwick University and other proponents of a vegan-only society say they are trying to reverse the effects of the “climate crisis” that is happening on a global scale. This is an interesting reason considering that plant-based foods and materials require a lot of agriculture. Land cultivation often creates desertification all over the world, especially in places close to the Sahara Desert in Africa and the Gobi Desert in China. Then, there are the pesticides and general pest control that kill all sorts of creepy crawlies that would normally feast on the vegetation that humans harvest for our own consumption.


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