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Candace Owens Denied Virus Test In Aspen Over Politics

Conservative firebrand Candace Owens was denied a virus test in Aspen Colorado by Suzanna Lee of Aspen Lab to her politics. Owens and her husband were in Aspen just hanging out, having a good time. Local regulations suggest (or mandate?) virus tests when attending certain events. Owens was simply trying to comply with what “the science” labels as best practice. An email from Lee was posted by Owens and has now gone viral. A ton of chatter has been generated on both sides of the political aisle.

Some leftists online have reacted in a reasonable way to the news of the denied virus test. They may not like Candace Owens for her viewpoints on the virus, but they also want everyone to be safe. And they think that she would behave in a responsible way if her test came back positive. There are also leftists who take this opportunity to jeer at the conservative pundit. They throw out catchphrases and cliches like “karma” and “that’s what you get”. Hateful comments are nothing new when it comes to criticism of Candace Owens. The issue is that the virus is supposed to be one of the greatest threats to man. Why take that opportunity to throw spears at a political opponent?

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Most people on the right see this denial of service for what it is – politically motivated. This is also seen as a denial of “science” that so many on the left praise as a religion. Virus tests were touted as indispensable as the vaccine is now. If a person is known to be unvaccinated as Candace Owens is, wouldn’t the virus test be paramount? If making a virtuous stand on principle is of more importance than the virus, then how serious is the virus? What is the purpose of all of the shutdowns, mandates, masking, and all the rest of it?


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