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Damage From Natural Disasters Linked To “Environmental Racism”

A young woman took to TikTok to express a surprisingly popular viewpoint about shoddy infrastructure being linked to racism. It is important to give a little context to her thought process. Hurricane Ida has wreaked havoc across the United States with a tremendous amount of wind and rain. Mostly rain. Devastating flooding has taken nearly a dozen or more lives. The TikTok-er thinks that the blame for this destruction can be laid at the feet of racism.

There isn’t much in the way of evidence presented to link racism to natural disasters. Yet, that opinion is actually very popular. Obviously, the opinion is not mainstream but popular nonetheless. But why? How is it possible to link random weather acts to the intention of human beings? It’s actually a pretty simple explanation to unpack and debunk.

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The argument here is that there should be better technology placed into lower-income areas that tend to be majority-minority. This “better” technology comes from more … you guessed it.. money being showered upon these communities. Pardon the pun. But the issue here is that these communities are already heavily subsidized.

Set aside the billions of dollars in government assistance that each family receives in low-income areas on average. In New Orleans, for example, the population is 60% black and not very high income. There is already a vast network of water pumps and/or levees that exist around the entire city. Without these systems being in place, a simple rainstorm could flood large swaths of the city. When hurricanes with serious wind and rain come through, sometimes these systems are not enough to ward off severe damage. This is to be expected of a city that is directly on the Gulf of Mexico with a below-sea-level elevation.

California consistently has natural disasters. Earthquakes are less common than wildfires, but they both happen and they are indiscriminate. Celebrities like LeBron James have had to evacuate their multi-million dollar estates in the Hollywood Hills just the same as regular people out in San Bernardino had to evacuate. A severe earthquake-damaged San Francisco back in 1906. This is now one of the richest areas in the United States of America. It may even be THE richest area. What happens if another 1906 quake hits and destroys large parts of the city? Will racism and poverty be blamed?

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The young woman’s remarks remind us of how important it is to fight against critical race theory. Toward the end of her brief TikTok clip, she spoke about how racism impacts everything in society. This is a core tenet of the Church of CRT. If this mentality is taught to our children on a broad scale over a period of years, ridiculous thoughts like “environmental racism” shall become the norm.


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  1. One problem is the ease with which these fools can “publish” their crazy ideas. Make a 5 minute video, show and say some obviously loony stuff, post it on the internet, and it has the potential to be seen by billions of people. Couch your lunacy in a popularly held opinion, no matter how wrong it is, and you have millions of people who’ll believe it. The internet is a propagandists dream.

  2. While I wasn’t able to watch the Tiktok myself to get a better understanding of her argument, she is right is the sense that lower income housing tends to be significantly less weather proof in general, which is the housing that minority groups disproportately live in.

    Even in Texas, when we were facing blackouts from the freeze, low income housing areas didn’t have power for days while business sectors and higher income communities seemed to face less issues with keeping the lights on.

    I don’t think it’s a product of systematic racism directly, but it’s not hard to see that class (and the associated access to better resources) plays a noticable hand into who is the most protected from enviromental disasters.

  3. ABL is correct this is just yet another example of brainwashing and propaganda…and a platform like Tiktok just makes it easier to spread that mindset. Bad weather events happen everywhere to all classes and races of people.
    When Hurricane Sandy left MANY white-owned homes without power for weeks or more…when power was restored to many businesses in NYC and Manhattan in days. I never heard people say it was because of class or race then. But now we all live in a world where everything is racist.

  4. Racist liberals are everywhere. Blame Trump, Blame whitey, etc, to bad no statues to tear down in your own country of Africa. Got check your own history, and you will see your own people sold you out. Look it it up !
    Black lives matter, really then keep on killing your own people.


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