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Candace Owens Releases Video Of Her Visit To The Million Dollar BLM Property

Candace Owens has released a video of her visit to one of the properties allegedly purchased under a twisted web of businesses that lead to Black Lives Matter. The video shows Owens approaching a tall wall with a gate, intercom system, and security doorman. She speaks to the guard through the fence-style gate and doesn’t get much of a response. The video does not show Owens raising her voice or behaving in a threatening manner. Several cameras were in tow because Owens is producing a documentary on BLM. This is a far cry from what former BLM Global Network Foundation leader and BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors said. Cullors went live almost immediately after or during Owens’s visit. She made crying faces and sounded distressed while speaking about the need for “safety” in the wake of Owens “demanding” that she come out. The video Owens produced disproved all of that.


Marxist BLM leader buys $1.4 million home in ritzy LA enclave

Candace Owens (@realcandaceowens) • Instagram photos and videos

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  1. #Buffalo Soldier Hypocrites.

    Welcome to America! Where gay marriage, weed, sex classes to 5 year olds and pre-teen surgical sex changes, smash & grabs (if black) are legal, but everything else isnt. The land of ex-slave native indian murdering 20th century european immigrant discriminating Buffalo Soldier hypocrites. Where theres a (usually black on black) murder, drug overdose, sexual assault every 15 minutes and an FBI estimated 300-400 active serial killers at any given point in time. Where theres a school shooting every week. Where corrupt charities and politicians (BLM, Obama, Chicago, NY, LA, Detroit, Wash. etc etc etc mayors and police chiefs – mostly black) flourish and roam free… yada yada yada.. the laughing stock embarrassment of the world today. USA! USA! USA! Gimme high five! Yes! Get’n mine!

    Both of these racist POS need to be removed from society and locked up.

  2. ^and right on cue. typical response from the resident buffalo soldier hypocrite uneducated ignorant racist pos afro ghetto trash LOL…

  3. goes to show just how brainwashed and stupid African American’s (AM’s) have become thanks to BLM and all of these other disinforming anti-white/anti-police “movements”.

    A few fun facts for ya: nearly 1.5 x more whites are killed by police each year than blacks. Per capita 2.5 x more native American Indians are killed by police than blacks. Yet AM’s which make up less than 14 percent of the population commit nearly half of all crimes today, more crime than any other demographic in America, hence the “disproportionate” number of AM’s in prison. These are the facts. So much for your dumb theories about systemic racism. Educate yourselves before speaking on such matters.

    I suggest all non-AM’s who support such dumb movements go watch a program called “The First 48” to see exactly what type of useless scum police are dealing with every day in America. AM’s killing other AM’s over literally nothing other than being there.

  4. and this just in: another BLM leader busted for spending $40,000 of donation money on a show dog. ya just cant make this shit up. americans, especially ones that support this BLM scam and CRT defund police etc bullshit, are so fucking stupid. this MLM anti-white racist lie along with black on black violent crime skyrocketing statistics prove they DONT matter. a murder every 15 minutes… so at least theres still hope for the rest of us 😉


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