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Wisconsin School District Files Title IX Complaint Against Three Middle Schoolers Over “Misgendering”

A Wisconsin school district has filed a Title IX complaint against three middle school students for using the wrong gender pronouns toward another student. To be more specific, the complaint alleges that the three students sexually harassed another student. The “victim” in this case preferred to go by “they/them” and the other students refused to do so. One of the students (who are allegedly all boys) apparently got into an argument with the “they/them” pronoun person. The boy just sort of sunk into his chair and didn’t really say much when the other student demanded the proper pronoun usage. The “victim” was allegedly screaming and cursing at the boy over his refusal to use “proper” pronouns. Another boy stood up for his fellow student and stated that the First Amendment protects him from being forced to say things that he does not want to say. All of the students involved appear to be 13-year-olds in the eighth grade.


Wisconsin school district files Title IX complaint against 3 middle school students | Daily Mail Online

WILL Urges Kiel Schools to Drop Title IX Complaint, Investigation of Eighth Graders for Using “Incorrect Pronouns” | Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty

Sexual harassment investigation launched into 3 middle schoolers’ wrong use of pronouns | KEYE

Kiel, Wisconsin school charges kids for using wrong pronouns

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