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Candace Owens vs. Cardi B — Battle Royale

Owens explained the real reason for Biden’s interview (votes) and made Cardi angry.

Democrats are celebrating their newest spokesperson — a former stripper-turned-rapper responsible for the highly controversial hit, “WAP.” Cardi B landed her Elle magazine interview with Joe Biden in August — an appearance that should have gone to the mainstream media instead, but I digress. The entertainer is not known for having a prolific political stance or any background in civics or government. And she’s certainly not an intellectual.

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No, Cardi B represents the lowest common denominator of hood culture known only for her ginormous popularity among young people. Conservative firebrand and BLEXIT cofounder Candace Owens brought this fact to light during a recent social media sound off between the two women.

What ignited the fiery interaction was Owens’s interview with Ben Shapiro, as Owens shared the painful truth with Cardi B that the Democrat Party is only latched to her for her audience. When she heard about the interview, Cardi B lashed out to her Instagram followers to brag about her musical influence, platform, and reach — further reinforcing Owens’s point about the rapper’s lack of political intellect. In a rare Instagram stream, Owens opens up to expose Cardi’s weakest links, which were very clear for her millions of viewers to see.

Cardi has professed her desire to understand politics in previous videos, but it appears she hasn’t tried very hard to educate herself about the subject. Instead of meeting Owens’s commentary with humility and self-reflection, Cardi predictably doubled down on her ignorance, becoming emotional and angry.

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This very scenario echoes the many interactions I’ve had with mobs of angry black progressives who have nothing to offer to the political arena but vulgar insults and ego-fueled responses. If I could open my email inbox for the world to see, you would see many of the same crude and disgusting words used by Cardi B — probably from her own fanbase.

Conservatives — armed with a compassionate message of Liberty and hope for our nation — are often met on the battlefield with forked tongues from leftists and radical progressives. Owens, who tried to explain to Cardi what she could brush up on, most certainly received backlash for being used by the “white man.” But yes, let us all forget that Biden chose to interview with Cardi B. We can be assured that it was for votes from her fanbase and not to actually hear what she had to say.

After all, why Cardi B? Why not interview Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms or even Stacey Abrams?

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The fact that Biden has been hiding explains much, as his declining cognitive state won’t allow him to answer any deep, thought-provoking questions. So, what better way to rile up voters than to interview with a popular entertainer who is also too ignorant to ask the hard questions? Any serious voter should be concerned.

If Cardi B could rub two and two together, she’d probably understand what Owens is saying — that accepting the interview at all was a complete and utter insult to her and also her fanbase. The Biden interview was Exhibit A of how Democrats celebrate the lowest common denominator of American culture.

On the contrary, Diddy, another entertainer, tweeted something earlier this year that was quite politically sound. He stated, “THE BLACK VOTE WILL NOT BE FREE THIS YEAR,” urging black Americans to demand more from presidential candidates.

From Diddy’s video back in April: “The Black vote is not going to be for free. We’re going to have to see some promises. What are we getting in return for our vote? Nothing has changed for Black America. In order for us to vote for [Joe Biden], we can’t be taken for granted like we always are because we’re supposed to be Democrats or because people are afraid of Trump.”

Anyone who knows about Diddy knows he has been invested in the political scene for years with his “Vote or Die” campaign. And while I’m not a fan of his music, he is knowledgeable and on top of the subject matter, holding forums, town halls, and debates regularly among prolific members of black entertainment. Perhaps Biden could have interviewed with Diddy instead. Or am I dreaming?

Originally published on The Patriot Post.

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  1. Though this post is a few weeks past, it is relevant as American’s are closer to choosing their leadership for the next short four years. In the university I attended, I studied both chemistry and economics. Several economics courses I studied were: Renewable Resources (such as trees), Money and Banking (our Federal Reserve System), and Economic Forecasting (making “regression” models based upon historic figures, much like weather forecasters make their weather predictions.) Human behavior is really what the study of Economics is about and I hold a degree in Economics.

    Thanks for posting this article T. Logan. It is well said. All Americans ought to be concerned about their votes, and their votes should translate into deeds done. Black communities aren’t the only ones to allow their emotions to rule over their votes, but part of the problem stems from an individual’s home life and being brainwashed in the schools.

    I was homeless in Los Angeles at age 12 in the early 1980s, very near where “Ice Cube”, the American rapper, is from. In fact, when I watched the film, “Friday” that he co-wrote and starred in, I recognized many streets in the ‘hood’ from my own youth. I also have black friends from the area who recognize that I “must be the only white girl there!” I was the product of divorced parents and grew up relatively poor. Later, I got my act together, studied hard (six hours a day at the library) and have by now raised two daughters and a son, and I’m married to the man who adopted my firstborn daughter at age 2. I was a single mom when I met my husband, and we raised the three of them together (breaking a cycle that could’ve been bad for my firstborn daughter.) In reality, I recognized my stupidity early on: that of following in my own mom’s footsteps, so I changed my behavior. I got married, stayed married (through a lot of hardships, including people calling us names when we didn’t agree with the public Seattle area schools brainwashing our children.) We ended up taking matters into our hands and home educating two of three after we learned about the misguided crap they were teaching to them. We must teach individuals to take responsibility for their own actions.

    On this final note, hopefully, all Americans will vote for a booming economic plan because it’s more certain that the Trump/Pence presidential ticket is able to deliver it to America, unlike their competition.


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