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Candace Owens Wants To Debate Ben Shapiro Over Israel And Other Issues

Candace Owens says she wants to debate Daily Wire co-founder Ben Shapiro on the issue of Israel and the concept of “antisemitism.” Her request appeared on Twitter after she quoted a post by comedian Andrew Schulz, who says that Shapiro never debates capable people, always ill-prepared college students. Shapiro, of course, saw Owens’s tweets, and they began to go back and forth with what seemed like very personal attacks on character. By the end, it was crystal clear why Candace was no longer part of the Daily Wire. Ben Shapiro (and possibly the other co-founder, Jeremy Boering) thinks that she is anti-semitic.

Both Ben Shapiro and Jeremy Boering were pressing very hard for a Monday at 5pm time and date for the debate to happen. They also wanted it to take place on the Daily Wire in person. Candace would not agree to such a thing due to her hectic schedule (she is in London), and if she was fired from the Daily Wire, then she wouldn’t want to give them a significant boost in ratings, viewers, and money. If she left for any reason besides firing, she probably thinks the same way about bringing her former company a bunch of attention. She wanted it on a neutral platform and suggested Patrick Bet David of Valuetainment. To her suggestion, Shapiro scoffed and essentially called him an anti-semite as well.

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